Written & Photo by: Thanh Luan

Implementing the Youth Union work program and Youth movement in 2019, Youth Union members belonged to 4 units: Quang Ngai City Police Youth Union, Nghia Lo Ward Youth Union, PTSC Quang Ngai Youth Union, Vietcombank Youth Union of Quang Ngai Branch, Quang Phu ward delegation and Nguyen Nghiem ward Youth Union coordinated the program “Journey to the red address 2019 – Winter of volunteers, Spring of love”. The program was part of series of practical activities to celebrate the 89th anniversary of the foundation day of Communist Party of Vietnam (February 3rd  1930 – February 3rd 2019), to welcome Ky Hoi Lunar New Year 2019; At the same time, the Youth Union members had special and meaningful experiences when having opportunity to share with difficult people and poor but studious students in Son Mua commune, Son Tay district – a highland commune with the majority of ethnic minorities and the current life was still facing many difficulties in all aspects.

After nearly 3 hours on the bus, the delegation arrived at Son Mua commune, Son Tay district. The Youth Union members urgently carried out and arranged the gifts neatly to distribute to poor people and typical students with difficult circumstances of the commune, with the mood of anticipation, local people and pupils were present very early. The gifts were not big but they were enough to share some difficulties so that people here could welcome a happier Tet, the gifts included: 100 gifts for people in difficult circumstances (10kg of rice, cooking oil, fish sauce, sugar, cakes, milk …); 50 gifts for typical students in difficult circumstances (1 briefcase, 2 packs of notebook, 2 pen boxes, cakes, milk). In addition, the program also gave people clothes, shoes to help them get a warmer Tet holiday.

Participating in the program, the volunteers felt more heartwarmed and happier when they contributed a part of their efforts to share the difficulties and shortages here. With youth, enthusiasm and kindness, the Youth Union of PTSC Quang Ngai wished to have more positive contributions to the community through volunteer activities. We hoped that in the coming time, the Youth Union of units in Quang Ngai province would continuously organize many social security programs to contribute to helping people in difficult circumstances, accompanying local authorities to well perform social security work in the province.