Written by: Ho Thi Yen Nhi

Photo by: Nguyen Thi Hong

In order to take care of the Youth works “Planting trees in Dung Quat Mechanical Workshop” that was implemented in March 2018, the Dung Quat Mechanical Workshop Youth Branch’s Executive Board has called for Youth Union members from the Branches including: Dung Quat Port, Office Team No. 01 & No. 02 to take care of Youth Works on June 8, 2018..

In the hot weather of June, the Youth Union members did not hesitate to take care, sprinkle water, fertilize, string, cultivate land… for 400 willow trees in the area surrounding the Workshop with hope that willow trees will be better developed in the future, contributing to creating a fresh, green and clean landscape for the Mechanical Workshop.

The activity of taking care of the Youth Works at the Mechanical Workshop is a practical activity, arousing the spirit of readiness and voluntary labor of the Youth Union members and at the same time creating a beautiful image of PTSC’s youth in volunteer activities. In addition, this activity also brings a very meaningful message: Live in harmony with nature, join hands to protect the environment for a green Earth.