Written & Photo by: Oanh Kiều

On October 28, 2018, the Institute of Fire fighting and Prevention coordinated with the Vietnam-ASEAN Economic Cooperation Support Center, T&A Joint Stock Company and a number of media, news and press organizations held the Commendation Ceremony of “Typical Businessman – Enterprise in the firefighting and prevention movement of whole-people” in 2018. PTSC Quang Ngai is honored to be one of the enterprises received this title.

The Conference of “Typical Businessman-Enterprise in the firefighting and prevention movement of whole people” is organized to respond the Firefighting and prevention day of whole people (October 4, 2018) and the Vietnam Entrepreneur’s Day (October 13, 2018). The program contributes to strongly promote the patriotic emulation movement, simultaneously acknowledge the great contribution of Entrepreneurs – Enterprises in the movement of whole people to prevent and fight fire. This is also a bridge between professional social organizations, enterprises and the media together with the fire prevention and fighting police force and the whole people, contributing to the effective implementation of Directive 47-CT / TW dated June 25, 2015 of the Party Central Committee’s Secretariat on strengthening the Party’s leadership on fire fighting and prevention and associated with the movement of whole people to protect Homeland Security in the spirit of “Learning and following Ho Chi Minh’s moral example ”. The conference took place to disseminate and deeply propagate to each agency, department, sector, socio-political organization, enterpris and the mass, educating ideology, politics and tradition education on the significance and importance of fire fighting and prevention among the whole people.

In the framework of the program “Business Conference with the firefighting and prevention movement of whole people “, the Organizing Committee recognized and praised the contribution of Entrepreneurs – Enterprises in the firefighting and prevention movement of whole people. Previously, the Organizing Committee has received records of more than 400 enterprises introduced and nominated by People’s Committees of provinces and cities, Fire Fighting and Prevention Police, to register and participate and selected more than 100 complete records which met all criteria set by the Organizing Committee: Enterprises have well performed work of fire fighting and prevention, ensuring safety in production and business labor, promoting production and business for sustainable development. In addition, the businesses that are nominated for participation must be those with a track record of complying with the law on fire prevention and fighting, and well performing this task in accordance with the law. In three consecutive years, there is no major fire, fire or explosion at enterprises and its effective production and business activities have fulfilled their obligations towards the State in accordance with law …